Mat moments

L and R  watching an interview of Richard Freeman on my computer screen. They were engrossed.

L singing “nummmm” and R “Ohhhhh” after they heard Richard chanting Om.

L pointing at a photo of David Swenson saying “papa”.

M reading a story to L after a run, in Pigeon pose.

R trying to feed M rice and spinach porridge while he was back bending. I had to suddenly be a willing mouth.

R feeding M watermelon while he was lifting in Utpluthih (palms pressing into the mat, body lifted off the floor, legs in lotus.)

M running circles around me while I was in a headstand. L and R enjoy leaning into me and pulling my hands apart in this posture.

R hugging my standing leg in Uthita hasta padangusthasana, a balancing posture where you hold the big toe of one foot and extend that leg out in front for five breaths, and then to the side for another five.

My little assistants laying on my back in forward bends like Paschimattanasana or Seated forward bend as in the photo on the left, and Baddha konasana or Bound angle pose.

Perfect adjustments.

The assistants going wild when I was in Karnapidasana aka Ear pressure posture. In the  photo on the left M is about to enter the pose by bending his knees and placing them next to his ears. It became even more of a locked posture when L and R stepped on my legs and wouldn’t move. They were pulling my hair and pinching my nose. I couldn’t move my legs or my arms. I called for help!

3 thoughts on “Mat moments

  1. Natasha please make them play football, I have a life plan for my RORO which involves a lot of football playing in north london.
    Miss you love you and kiss you


  2. Oh, naughty babies!!! Pulling ur hair and pinching ur nose while u were in Karnapidasana aka Ear pressure posture… hahaha… Nat, i need to breathe deeply next time before i read ur stories about R and L since everytime i can’t stop laughing. Kisses to R and L! BTW, it must be a challenge for u to concentrate while they r playing


    1. Hey Tracy,
      Nice to hear from you. It is interesting trying to practice when they are around us. Sometimes they are not interested and do their own thing, other times they do sun salutations and other postures along side / under / on top of us, and if they are cranky for some reason it is impossible to continue!


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