Yesterday we went to play in neighbouring housing complex. This is a high-end Chengdu neighborhood where mainly expatriates and very rich Chinese people live. We were running around a non-functional fountain, close to the playground when all of a sudden we heard dance music pumping loudly. The road is not far, so I figured it was someone driving by outside. Actually it was a little boy in a huge toy tank with big wheels, pimped up with shiny stickers. In the front there was a big colourful one with the words “War-God” printed on it. The boy’s grandmother was chasing after him.

At one point they stopped for a snack or something, and as we passed by we had the usual conversation which included questions like”are they twins?”, and “how old are they?”. From that encounter I gathered that the little soldier was as old as L and R, about a year and five months. Nice!

R and L got into a shopping cart that was parked right next to the boy and his grandma. We sped off in our favorite mode of transportation.

Ours was a borrowed Lada and his a Hummer .

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