Father Who? Oh! You Mean Papa Noel.

I used to get two presents from my parents on the 25th of December, one for Christmas, and one for my birthday. I don’t remember if I was bothered that my brothers, in fact, that MANY people get presents on MY birthday. I don’t remember if I ever thought that Santa Claus was real. I … Continue reading Father Who? Oh! You Mean Papa Noel.

Dear Dr. Seuss (part 2)

Dirt Feet My hair is long, From neglected times gone My eyes are red, Watering the African Violets In my head My heart is heavy, Listening for sounds, Memories not ready My feet are bare, Together a pair How rare the sweet smell, Of wet, black soil, Caught between my toes No longer without a … Continue reading Dear Dr. Seuss (part 2)

Pancakes, Chocolate Milk, and an Award.

I got an award. The Versatile Blogger Award. The last time I was awarded anything I was 16. So man was I shocked, and ecstatic! And it's for my blogging. I only started doing this a few months ago. I'm a novice. It's encouraging to know that someone is reading this stuff though, and even … Continue reading Pancakes, Chocolate Milk, and an Award.

Raksha bandan – bond of protection

When I lived in Zambia my family celebrated Raksha Bandan, a North Indian festival that honours the love between sisters' and brothers'. It falls on a full moon in August every year. My parents, aunts and uncles took a day off work, we a day off school. We dressed in traditional Indian clothes and jewelery, … Continue reading Raksha bandan – bond of protection