Boys Can Wear Dresses Too

(As Posted at Multicultural Mothering)   "Look, the woman is free now," Leila describes an American Indian man in the animated film. "That's a man, Leila," I say, knowing full well where this would go. "But, but he has long hair, and..." "Men can have long hair," I was a little too stern with her … Continue reading Boys Can Wear Dresses Too

“Afu ge ge”, “Leila mei mei”

“Which twin is older?” The question is absurd. In China, I get it all the time. And it works me up. “They are twins. They are the same age.” I reply, irritated. “Yes, but they didn’t both come out at the same time, did they? One had to have been born first.” They insist, “Is … Continue reading “Afu ge ge”, “Leila mei mei”