Hezbollah, the Cumin-timer, and the Box

At the Singapore airport last Sunday. We had South-Indian food for lunch, and North-Indian for dinner. I also got four Rasgulla, a Bengali paneer (home-made cottage cheese) based dessert. Me: Do you want to try this Leila? It's called Rasgulla. I used to eat a lot of this when I was little. Really yummy. Leila: … Continue reading Hezbollah, the Cumin-timer, and the Box


4am. “Maaaamaaa. Waaaah. Mama.” Me, slipping in between the children, “What’s up Rahul?” “Where’s my book?” he asked, as he frantically felt around the mattress and floor. Me: Which book, this one? "NO. The one with rabbits and the balloons.” Me: Uhhh....rabbits and balloons, is it this one then? Even more agitated, Rahul: Not that … Continue reading Starbox