In the Game

Early Sunday morning, I tell L and R that I’ll be out until lunch; that I’ll be teaching Pranayama (breath-work) workshops. “Afu Pa-ya-ma-na,” Rahul pleads with outstretched arms. (Afu is what he calls himself.) I pick him up; tell him that he can do some Pranayama with me, but that he’s got to stay with … Continue reading In the Game

The Old Macdonald story has a part two

A few minutes after I published the last post R woke up from the night's sleep. He had high fever. 39C. He took some medication and drank 200ml of oral rehydration salts, bit by bit. That should help for a while. The sequence went like this: a week ago R got a cold. L caught … Continue reading The Old Macdonald story has a part two