The state of my yoga

I have heard that Pattabhi Jois and Sharath say taking care of a family is a yoga practice in itself. In the midst of the "Family yoga" I am trying to continue with my Asana and Pranayama practices. My back is weaker for having barely got on the mat in the last three weeks. The … Continue reading The state of my yoga

Rahul practices to Sharath’s live web class

This evening Sharath (Pattabhi Jois' grandson - the late ashtanga yoga guru), had a live internet broadcast of his class in NYC. We tried to catch it. It was 7pm our time. We were half an hour late.  We saw was a picture of the class in ardha badda padma paschimattanasana or half bound lotus … Continue reading Rahul practices to Sharath’s live web class