Unseen Veins – Short list – Aryamati Competition for Poetry

“A publisher with a conscience.” That’s the tagline that Fly on the Wall Press, a small, independent publisher out of Manchester goes by. I’ve enjoyed multiple poetry pamphlets they’ve published including “Warriors” by Sundra Lawrence, “History of Forgetfulness” by Shahe Mankerian, and “Aftereffects” by Jiye Lee. After the summer holidays I was reminded of the … Continue reading Unseen Veins – Short list – Aryamati Competition for Poetry

Pre-school and a Post at Multicultural Mothering

My kids have been in pre-school for almost a week now. Thankfully, the transition couldn't have been smoother. Day 1 was fine. They didn't really know what they were in for. Second day Rahul wouldn't let go of me. Leila waved good-bye, and tried to get her brother to let go of my hand. "Come … Continue reading Pre-school and a Post at Multicultural Mothering

What Dat Mum?

“What Dat Mum?” At lunch: “What’s that Leila?” I repeat. “It’s a mushroom.” Outside our apartment, near the elevators: “That? It’s a tiny, scrunched up piece of paper that we can throw in the dustbin Rahul.” After a bath: “That’s a hairbrush. But those? I don’t know Leila, umm…they’re a part of the hair brush … Continue reading What Dat Mum?

Naturally Wild and Curly

I’ve been asked many silly questions about me and my children: How can they be twins if they are not dressed the same? Did you do the IVF so you could have two in one go? Are they identical? (One's a boy and one's a girl). And so on. This one, about their appearance, “Do … Continue reading Naturally Wild and Curly

“Oh, Mum! I have so much FAT on my legs!”

"I answered her questions about why some people have too much fat in their bodies to be healthy, but how no one can actually be “fat”.  Fat is something that we have, not something that we are." Read the full guest post at Momma Be They Name by Desi, from Valentine 4: Living Each Day.