A Walk down a Montreal Memory Lane

(I started this about a month ago, immediately after the walk; and worked on it again over the last few days.) The sun rose a few hours after we arrived in Montreal. As everyone went back to sleep for the early morning, I got R, and L into their stroller and headed out for a … Continue reading A Walk down a Montreal Memory Lane

Nanu the avocado

1pm yesterday afternoon. Calgary Court House. Maher tells Rahul, "Au jourd'hui on va a la ceremonie. Nanu devient avocat." Rahul says "cado." ------------------ 7 pm this evening. Nanu's apartment. Maher to Rahul : "Tu veux manger un avocat?" Rahul says,"Nanu" Maher asks L and R: "Qui veux un peu plus d'avocat?" Rahul  says,"cado."

Raksha bandan – bond of protection

When I lived in Zambia my family celebrated Raksha Bandan, a North Indian festival that honours the love between sisters' and brothers'. It falls on a full moon in August every year. My parents, aunts and uncles took a day off work, we a day off school. We dressed in traditional Indian clothes and jewelery, … Continue reading Raksha bandan – bond of protection

Yoga and coconuts in Samui

Our week in Samui is zooming, blue skies, sunshine, and swims in the sea. Lots of yoga and coconuts. Maher drives us to Yoga Thailand every morning. I practice while he plays with the children in the "Kids club." Sean and Dylan's out-grown toys and mini playground are more than enough to keep L and … Continue reading Yoga and coconuts in Samui

Elevator ride. Part 2

A couple of days ago Leila and I took the elevator down from the 20th floor. She was in a single stroller. Two well dressed women started a conversation with and about L. Ms. Pink and Ms. Blue seemed to be working in offices in the building. Of course the usual "How cute," and "what … Continue reading Elevator ride. Part 2

FW: The mayonnaise jar and two beers

Reblogged from OnoLisa ---------------------------------- When things in your life seem almost too much to handle, when 24 hours in a day are not enough, remember the mayonnaise jar…and the beer. A professor stood before his philosophy class and had some items in front of him. When the class began, wordlessly, he picked up a very … Continue reading FW: The mayonnaise jar and two beers

Restorative day

With slight fever, a head ache, and general fatigue my first thought is "rest day". That is with respect to asana of course. A typical Ashtanga practice is out of the question the way I am feeling. My muscles and joints feel like they have sat through a ten-hour flight. It's a holiday weekend so … Continue reading Restorative day