Dear Dr. Seuss (part 2)

Dirt Feet My hair is long, From neglected times gone My eyes are red, Watering the African Violets In my head My heart is heavy, Listening for sounds, Memories not ready My feet are bare, Together a pair How rare the sweet smell, Of wet, black soil, Caught between my toes No longer without a … Continue reading Dear Dr. Seuss (part 2)

Between Worlds: A Guest Post by Heidi Nevin

(As part of the series: A Monday Morning Guest Post in Multicultural Mothering) First, thank you, beautiful Natasha, for creating this forum and inviting us to share our perspectives. I was born in Crete, Greece and raised in Maryland, USA, on a beautiful, 86-acre, off-the-grid homestead. My parents, products of the hippie era, were inspired … Continue reading Between Worlds: A Guest Post by Heidi Nevin