My Warrior

Part 1 The Shake Up I was on the phone with my husband when the earthquake hit. “There’s a….” were his last words, before he dropped the phone and rushed into the stairway. People screamed. Hundreds descended towards the ground. Maher followed, barefoot, in the dark, he slid his hand along the banister for guidance. … Continue reading My Warrior


Into the depths of despair She plunges head first Fingertips break through Not even a splash She confuses fatigue with darkness She searches for routine, for stability And just as naturally She comes up, Fingers reach for the surface A gasp of air, a lift She looks out at the view Life breathes all around … Continue reading Exhaling

Nothing Less

A stranger stares back at me Dark rings highlight hollow eyes Dry hair thin, Grey and split Fleshy rolls spill, Out of the old wardrobe Tired skin sags, Rough and loose, Being dragged along, On a noose Every day, New wrinkles are drawn in By some magical being Playing a mischievous game A reminder of … Continue reading Nothing Less