Hezbollah, the Cumin-timer, and the Box

At the Singapore airport last Sunday. We had South-Indian food for lunch, and North-Indian for dinner. I also got four Rasgulla, a Bengali paneer (home-made cottage cheese) based dessert. Me: Do you want to try this Leila? It's called Rasgulla. I used to eat a lot of this when I was little. Really yummy. Leila: … Continue reading Hezbollah, the Cumin-timer, and the Box


A week ago today, Rahul and Leila’s Teta (Arabic for grandma) returned home after a quick week-long stay with us in Chengdu. In between early morning whines Leila asked, “Where Teta Mama?” “She’s in Lebanon baby.” “Waaaah, where Tetaaaaa Mamaaaaa?” “Rahul love Teta. Rahul love Teta Mama,” he said. ---------------------- While having her diaper changed … Continue reading Teta

Two Articles at Multicultural Mothering

An excerpt of "Two Articles on Bilingualism" follows: Catch the rest of the post, and many more interesting ones by other of my mum friends at Multicultural Mothering - our shared blog. http://multiculturalmothering.com --------------- We flew from Beirut to Abu Dhabi (“adi badi” as Rahul calls it) on Etihad Airways, the United Arab Emirates carrier, … Continue reading Two Articles at Multicultural Mothering

Me…start a blog?

Over the last two years my world has revolved around taking care of Leila and Rahul, my almost year-and-a-half twins. So to start a blog now, seems a bit strange. What could I possibly have to say? I don’t know which regimes are being toppled over, I haven’t seen photos of the effects of the … Continue reading Me…start a blog?