The Perfect Maclaren: Will We Make It?

When I learned that I share one thing with Julia Roberts and Jennifer Lopez, I was excited: the Maclaren Twin Techno double stroller. So it's not more glamorous than that, but hey, it's something. I "upgraded" from our well-used Twin Triumph only a few months ago. The first time I used it I was ecstatic. … Continue reading The Perfect Maclaren: Will We Make It?

Dear Dr. Seuss,

...Today's like every other Chengdu day. "Guys, should we go for a walk, around the block today? Oh dear! It might rain, the clouds are so grey. But hey, isn't it like this here every day?" Ten minutes into our walk, long, heavy drops landed. R was asleep. I peaked. We had the rain cover. … Continue reading Dear Dr. Seuss,

Healing on the island of Samui

This is an update I wrote over a week ago, a couple of days before we left for Paris. It is interestng how it relates to the post about parks in Paris, and also to a comment about the same post. --- In February over the Chinese New Year break, we spent about ten days … Continue reading Healing on the island of Samui

Me…start a blog?

Over the last two years my world has revolved around taking care of Leila and Rahul, my almost year-and-a-half twins. So to start a blog now, seems a bit strange. What could I possibly have to say? I don’t know which regimes are being toppled over, I haven’t seen photos of the effects of the … Continue reading Me…start a blog?