At Tesco, Ullapool (The Scottish Highlands)

This August we resumed our yearly weeklong summer holiday in the Scottish highlands. It’s a place one might consider as being “in the middle of nowhere,” that is of course if you are not from there. If however, you are from there, it’s quite likely the center of the world. We fall into the category … Continue reading At Tesco, Ullapool (The Scottish Highlands)

Papa Hunter, Mama Gatherer

(For a long time = A long time ago) ----- On our way to the supermarket. R and L are playing at lifting each other. L: Let me carry you now. R: OK L: Uhhhh, you're too heavy for me. R: You can't because usually boys are stronger than girls, 'cause for a long time … Continue reading Papa Hunter, Mama Gatherer


4am. “Maaaamaaa. Waaaah. Mama.” Me, slipping in between the children, “What’s up Rahul?” “Where’s my book?” he asked, as he frantically felt around the mattress and floor. Me: Which book, this one? "NO. The one with rabbits and the balloons.” Me: Uhhh....rabbits and balloons, is it this one then? Even more agitated, Rahul: Not that … Continue reading Starbox